Faraday Launches Big Data Marketing Platform to Identify Customers for Big-ticket Purchases

By Marketing Tech Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Faraday, a cloud software company, unveils its innovative marketing platform that focuses on matching companies with families for big-ticket purchases.

Faraday’s intuitive software allows users to visualize customers in real time and pinpoint households by hundreds of segmentation criteria. The software includes built-in machine learning and sophisticated algorithms for predicting a customer’s propensity to invest in a given service. It delivers terabyte-scale Big Data in a responsive, map-driven interface, allowing marketers to pinpoint the best possible customers for big-ticket purchases. Big-ticket items include: real estate, big utilities like washing machines, cars, and other items that are usually durable and provide utility to their buyers for an extended period of time.

“The newly available scale of data and predictive technology allows marketers to spend much more time engaging fewer families. By helping marketers pinpoint the best possible prospects, Faraday enables companies to build relationships instead of blasting out junk mail. You can treat target families as real people and knock on doors, pick up phones, and craft thoughtful digital and social media advertising.  You can invest in these families in the same way you’re asking them to invest in your product,” says Andy Rossmeissl, CEO, Faraday.

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