Emerging Trends in Influencer Marketing Strategies

Martech Outlook | Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Influencer marketing has become a need rather than an option. Businesses observe drastic growth in the industry with the use of influencer marketing strategies.

FREMONT, CA: Influencers have a critical role in augmenting people’s dependence on social media for purchasing decisions. Therefore, embracing influencer marketing strategies is inevitable for businesses to amplify their brand promotions.

Significance of Content Developers and Brand Advocates

The necessity of collaborating with influencers has shifted the power to influencers and content creators from marketers. Brand advocates play a vital role in supporting brands and promoting products online. Therefore content developers and brand advocates have become requisite for businesses.

There is a vast expansion of the demographic range along with the creator community. The population includes people from 18 to 54 and more on various social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. This highlights that content creators are aiming at a diverse audience. Studies have shown that even when people are unfamiliar with an influencer, their content has positively impacted purchase intent. Therefore, there is a high need for businesses to incorporate influencers into their marketing strategies to accelerate their product promotion.

82 per cent of marketers today are leveraging content marketing. The major challenge faced by the marketer is to decide on suitable influencers who are experts in a particular field and have an authentic connection with the brand that a marketer requires. With the help of influencer marketing, companies have witnessed tremendous growth and also achieved greater engagement than the industry’s average output. Thus, businesses are maximising the use of influencers in their campaigns.

From the gifting-for-sales strategy, marketers have moved to pay-it-forward, a community-focused initiative to establish a team of true advocates and loyalty rather than merely gifting in return for sales. This project offers more autonomy and purpose for the creators and also develops a long-lasting relationship with the brand. Various tools have been introduced by companies to recruit content developers, track the progress of projects, and receive feedback for future campaigns.

Diversity and Inclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a radical change in social media usage and increased the necessity to communicate and engage with the chosen communities through online mediums. As a result, there is a need for diversified influence from both social media users that people follow and groups that businesses collaborate with for their strategies. Consumers are also showing high interest in viewing content from different cultures across the globe.

Furthermore, with the increase in investing in influencer marketing, brands must ensure that those strategies fulfil the ethical and equality-driven expectations required for the industry. Because failing to develop an ethical plan can damage the reputation of the brand, resulting in lost sales and averting the building of strong community advocates. Therefore, ethical influencer marketing strategy, ethics and core values are imperative to maintain brand loyalty. In 2022, marketers are expected to collaborate with a wider range of influencers to prevent being identified as tokenistic.

Social Shopping

Social shopping, a type of e-commerce that involves people with similar tastes in an online shopping experience, has gained popularity across the world. The expansion of social shopping sites is anticipated in 2022 and the coming years with new features embedded in them. Social shopping provides customers with discounts and promotions in exchange for sharing products on their social media feeds. They also give customers customised purchasing options and better browsing-to-checkout. Additionally, these sites entice consumers with visually appealing content, such as videos and images, attractive product descriptions, and interesting posts.

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