Cayan Partners CitiXsys to Increase Marketing Opportunities for Retailers

By Marketing Tech Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

ORLANDO, FL: Rapid change in the demand of consumers and the race of retailers to provide the best has led to the birth of various marketing platforms. To provide a similar platform,  Cayan, a payment possibilities company has collaborated with CitiXsys, a retail management and software distribution provider. Following the partnership, CitiXsys is integrating its iVend, a retail suite of applications powering point of sale transaction with Cayan Genius Customer Engagement Platform, a platform that enables businesses to improve customer experience and payment processes.

Retailers can now take advantages the Genius Platform even if they are using iVend and can implement current and future technology solutions, including full support for EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), NFC (Near Field Communication), and mobile wallet options. Moreover, the retailers can increase marketing opportunities near the point of sale using iVend and Genius Platform that avail loyalty programs and gift cards. Genius combines end-to-end encryption and tokenization to reduce the risk of security breaches and simplify PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance for its users.

"CitiXsys' primary objective is to deliver profits to retailers and a high degree of satisfaction to their customers, by integrating our iVend Retail portfolio with Cayan's Genius Platform, CitiXsys is demonstrating its continued commitment to retail innovation. With a focus on security and forward-thinking solutions incorporating omni-channel processes, the Genius platform will be a great addition as we further enhance the iVend suite for our customers." says Mick Adamson, VP, CitiXsys.

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