Buying an Enterprise Search Solution? Dont Forget an Integration Partner

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Enterprise Search has become an integral aspect of organizations today as data holds the utmost importance for improving productivity and growth. Enterprise search delivers content from various enterprise-type sources like database and intranets to the users.

Organizations majorly focus on purchasing software rather than searching an integration partner that can turn the software into a search solution. Various available enterprise search solutions can be downloaded onto a server for immediate implementation after the successful implementation of initial crawl and index. Additionally, many enterprise search solution providers like Sinequa offer solutions for large scale implementations that allow businesses to work across multiple applications and languages and indexing millions of documents. Companies need to choose an efficient integration partner based on their requirements as they can prove to be an indispensable partner in creating a smooth implementation.

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Integration services can be categorized into two categories. Companies like Findwise fall in the specialist category that works only on enterprise search projects. These companies offer open source framework products. On the other hand companies like SAP, PeopleSoft and many others provide solution across the entire enterprise application range. The subsidiaries of organizations have different expectation from their enterprise search integration partner. Subsequently, companies may also require integration support on multiple locations; therefore companies need to have an appropriate strategy when planning for integrations.

While writing the Request of Information, companies need to have a fair idea of the extent of support that they require from their search integration vendor. Enterprises also need to take into account the amount of search expertise and business knowledge that their search team will be able to contribute to the implementation. The availability of external devices and support can have an impact on the implementation as search integration companies cannot provide assistance in user search requirements. Additionally, when narrowing down on the search integration vendor companies can also hold a competition for the Proof of Concept in order to select the appropriate vendor.

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