Best Practices for Boosting Campaign Effectiveness with Marketing Automation

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, January 14, 2022

Marketing automation platforms are more available today, and the benefits they offer become the reasons every marketer is using them.

FREMONT, CA: Marketing automation enables digital marketing teams to do more with less. But how can marketers make the most of their marketing automation initiatives? Here are some best practices that give a framework marketing teams can use when planning out their campaigns to ensure that they use automation properly. Read on to know more.

• Develop Buyer Personas

Firms can create buyer personas by looking at the audience’s backgrounds, demographics, interests, preferences, location, jobs, industries, the hurdles they meet, and more to understand where they are coming from and their challenges. By knowing that, firms can understand how they can help them, provide solutions to their problems, and thus better market them.

Top 10 Marketing Automation Consulting/Services Companies - 2020• Creating Engaging Content

Emails and thought leadership can assist make prospects aware of the brand. Datasheets that show why the solution stands out can make a difference at the consideration stage. Case studies and demos may nudge someone toward making a final decision and buying. After that purchase, a thank-you note or a follow-up email can be sent to see whether customers have any questions that can keep them engaged and willing to do more business with the brand.

• Personalization

They are using customer information to personalize the content and marketing in general as much as possible. The more firms can personalize to the audiences and the stage of the customers’ journey, the better the chances of winning them over.

• Multi-Channel Approach

Customers now demand a seamless, multi-channel experience. Brands will have to engage them with consistent content and marketing on the channels they want and be ready to jump from one to the other. Also, do not forget the essentiality of mobile, as everyone lives on their phones nowadays.

• Measuring the Performance

How many leads did a campaign attract? How many did firms hand off to sales? How many conversions did they help make? How much did they affect ROI? Reviewing the goals and seeing where leads might have dropped off and how brands can tweak, revise, and improve the process.

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