AppNexus - The Publisher Suite that Elevates Global Advertising

By Martech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

NEW YORK, NY: AppNexus, an advertising technology company announces the expansion of its global partnership with Microsoft. It operates on a cloud-based platform to optimize and enable online advertising. The enterprise technology allows advertisers to build a trading desk, an advertising network and custom exchange.

AppNexus publisher suite empowers advertisement serving through planning, forecasting and direct campaign management solutions.  The publisher suite is a platform for third party technology vendors and customers to reach audience by building features for their clients.

“With this expanded agreement, AppNexus becomes the technology engine powering Microsoft’s digital advertising in 58 global markets,” says Michael Rubenstein, president of AppNexus. “As we look forward to 2016, AppNexus is poised to emerge as the clear and obvious choice for publishers, everywhere in the world. We offer the industry’s only full-stack monetization engine that is wholly aligned with publisher interests,” adds Michael.

AppNexus accelerates its growth by expanding its boundaries to other countries as well as acquiring Real Media Latin America (RMLA), a prominent advertisement technology company to extend its footprints across continents and to capture growth in these emerging markets.

The publisher suite is programmed for Microsoft ads using automated technology. The technology will represent the platform for Microsoft display and Microsoft app-based ad inventory on MSN, Outlook, Skype and Xbox as well as Windows PC, Windows phone and Xbox apps within these markets.

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