4 Common Regional Marketing Challenges

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Many multi-location brands are arming their regional marketing teams with the tools and resources to overcome the pressing marketing challenges.

FREMONT, CA: For businesses with multiple locations, it can be quite challenging to prove the ROI from local marketing campaigns. Very often, marketers know that things are working at the regional level, but knowing exactly how well they are working and why can be a different story. That is why leading brands institute regional marketing teams to focus on bolstering marketing effectiveness across specific locales. However, many of the leading brands face many challenges and here are some of the most common hurdles among them.

• Knowing Regional Audiences

For regional teams, having a deep understanding of local customers is vital. Unfortunately, performing regular local market research has become increasingly challenging for teams to perform. The fact is, regional marketing team just don't have the time, resources, or background to start the sophisticated analysis. By gathering in-depth, actionable data through trusted market research firms, brand marketers can streamline marketing strategies and achieve a better understanding of local audiences.

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• Working Across Time Zones

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Another regional marketing hurdle is working across time zones. Unfortunately, communication across different time zones results in delays to market. Suppose a regional team in a place asks for a specific marketing asset from corporate in another place. In that case, there are going to be major communications issues when trying to work across time zones. It may take corporate at least one working day to respond to regional's request.

• Evaluating Campaign Effectiveness

A regional marketing manager's success is connected to the performance of the stores within their regions. When it comes to evaluating regional marketing campaign effectiveness, field marketers needed to be proactive about monitoring progress at each franchise, dealership and many more. What is recommend is checking in frequently with local teams. Additionally, choosing a brand management solution enables distributed teams to monitor asset usage.

• Managing Budgets

According to recent studies, marketing's popularity among enterprises and local franchisees is evolving. Still, the amount of money that local affiliates are taking advantage of is $14 billion less than what's earmarked. To effectively manage regional marketing budgets, experts recommend promoting the advantages of co-op marketing.

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