3 Ways to Create and Use UGC in Marketing

Martech Outlook | Monday, June 15, 2020

Including user-generated content in marketing strategy can derive positive results that are completely in line with the target audience and business goals.

FREMONT, CA: It should come as no surprise that advances in mobile technology is driving growth as ordinary consumers can become extraordinary creators with ease of sharing content made possible on social media platforms, messaging apps, video sharing platforms, and more. For marketers and advertising professionals, this User-Generated Content (UGC) is a gold mine for marketing and advertising purposes. UGC is being used in numerous ways, from organic content being picked up for use in marketing, or via promotions that encourage consumers to create and share their own content. Below are effective ways to create and use UGC to ensure successful marketing efforts.

• Customer Reviews

The majority of consumers look at product reviews before they make purchases. The product reviews potential customers that the brand’s offerings are reliable. Customer ratings and reviews can help brands increase traffic to the website, build brand visibility, and enhance conversion rates. A brand should encourage its customers to leave reviews, as they are important when it comes to attracting more customers.

• Video Content

Video is a highly effective way to create UGC irrespective of what the content is. It can help connect the audience with the brand visually. User-generated videos have immense shareability, and there is a higher possibility of them going viral, which can help brands boost following substantially. UGC videos offer original perspectives to products and services, giving credibility to the brand. Using UGC videos is better than traditional marketing, as it can help brands engage their audience and show the support of their customers.

• Hashtag Campaigns

User-generated content is a powerful tool for building social proof and is one of the most effective ways to build trust in social media. Having high brand visibility on social networks keeps a product or service on top-of-mind for customers when they need something. By running a contest and encouraging customers to use a given hashtag in posts about the brand, marketers can gather valuable insight about customer preferences and interests, while also collecting UGC that can be used across various marketing channels.

User-generated content can spread awareness about the business and solidify brand image, enabling brands to get a competitive edge. With the above tips, brands can leverage UGC to build a strong presence and drive engagement from the target audience.

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