Insightarc: Boosting Ecommerce Conversion Rates Through Customer Journey Visualization

Serge Berezhnoy, CEO, InsightarcSerge Berezhnoy, CEO
Marketers and Ecommerce managers must continuously optimize their efforts to improve conversion rates, thus maximizing ROI (Return on Investment), ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend), and maintaining relevance among consumers. It is, however, easier said than done to improve conversion rates as business and consumer demands constantly change. The necessary tools are not always available for marketers to make these high-value campaign modifications, or even with the availability of said tools, they might not know where to focus their efforts. The most effective method for conversion rate optimization is leveraging customer journey analytics. Evidently, marketing and Ecommerce leaders struggle to understand and acknowledge the value of customer journey analysis in their overall marketing plan, which requires them to collect, examine, and act on customer data. At this juncture, Insightarc—a B2B SaaS company—provides a tactical tool that enables marketers to automate the discovery, visualization, and analysis of the real customer journey to discover conversion insights and pitfalls.

Insightarc was founded by Serge Berezhnoy with 15 years at Digital Sales Channels and 6K stores omnichannel transformation at NASDAQ: Veon Company in the background, and two other experienced executives who shared skills in data science, software engineering, and MarTech solutions. With a perfect blend of expertise across these domains, the company has developed a fully automated technological solution for all DTC marketers, brands, and Ecommerce businesses that aspire to experience the benefits of conversion optimization. Backed by Alchemist Accelerator—a top enterprise mentor and investor network—Insightarc offers customer journey insights that help marketers embrace data-enabled decisions more quickly, all the while optimizing conversion rates and enhancing sales growth.

Most Ecommerce companies lack essential knowledge pertaining to bottlenecks and conversion friction points that cannot be identified through traditional analytics.
Moreover, the traditional methods for conversion pitfalls discovery can be a tedious task. “By using an advanced conversion rate optimization approach, we enable marketers to automate the discovery, visualization, and analysis of the real customer journey,” says Serge Berezhnoy, CEO of Insightarc. The SaaS company leverages creates a digital twin of customer behaviorto show key behavioral insights and friction points at a glance, which in turn enhances customer experience. "Integrating the company’s solution, marketers and Ecommerce businesses receive an automated assistant that operates at any time and delivers actual conversion insights on demand without countless hours of manual analysis."

Upon integrating the company’s solution, marketers and Ecommerce businesses need not invest substantial amounts of money and time in data infrastructure and analytical departments.
  • By using a completely different approach, we provide a tactical tool for Ecommerce companies and DTC brands and power them to discover conversion optimization insights in the context of their real customer journey within their Ecommerce store

In order to under the merit of Insightarc’s solutions, consider the vast majority of Ecommerce businesses that are unable to discover conversion pitfalls due to a lack of technological and data skills. To resolve such gaps in knowledge, Insightarc provides Cloud service that empowers companies with a data engineering and data scientist skill set to track and visualize the real customer journey maps and thereby identify abnormal consumer behavior, bottlenecks, and other underlying issues hindering fruitful experiences. “We want to democratize and simplify advanced analytics for daily usage for any Ecommerce manager, marketing team, or product analyst,” says Berezhnoy. The company has relieved several marketing managers of the hassle of creating complex data science infrastructures and paying exorbitant fees to identify simple operational difficulties in the customer's journey.

The company discovers more actionable insights using data visualization to show key behavioral information and friction points a business could encounter. For instance, clients can seamlessly integrate their data with these fully automated connectors, thereby aggregating all interactions and insights necessary to build well-defined customer journey maps. Moreover, leaders at Insightarc have designed the solution to precisely fit the bill of small Ecommerce companies, steering away from the exorbitant pricing models, all the while empowering clients to compete with larger organizations.
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Serge Berezhnoy, CEO

Insightarc—a B2B SaaS company— that enables marketers to automate the discovery, visualization, and analysis of the real customer journey to identify conversion insights. The company offers customer journey insights that help marketers and e-commerce managers embrace data-enabled decisions more quickly, optimize conversion rates, and enhance sales growth