Analyzing Customer Behavior in Real-Time

Stephen Quinn, EVP & CMO, Walmart

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Guest Experience

Kathy Tan Mayor, SVP & CMO, Carnival Cruise Line

4 Ways Computer Vision is Useful for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Danielle Sauvé, Director, Customer Insights and Experience, Product Identification, Danaher Corporation

How Digital Shopping Impacts Marketers' Considerations for E-Commerce

How Digital Shopping Impacts Marketers'...

Monique Acevedo, VP, Sports and Active Nutrition Brands, The Nature's Bounty Co.

Salelytics: Mapping the Future of Inside Sales Space

Salelytics: Mapping the Future of...

Scott Krueger, COO,Salelytics

ZS Associates: Personalization Redefined

ZS Associates: Personalization Redefined

Kajal Narasimha, Principal ,ZS Associates

Marketing for the new 'Digital Shelf'

Chip Schuman, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Consumer Products, Sargento Foods