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GAL Borenstein, CEO and Founder, Borenstein GroupGAL Borenstein, CEO and Founder
Be it B2B, B2C, B2G(Business to Government), or C2C—All trade is built on a foundation of trust between two parties. Consequently, the quickest way to establish trust in one's product/services is via strong and proven branding. A party is more likely to buy a product from Amazon than from a lesser known local online shopping app because (or lack thereof) of the branding. Hence, organizations try to hire the best brand management companies to utilize their creativity to build up the in the marketplace and attract more customers. However, if a product/service is hyped up in the market via advertising and fails to deliver, both the organization and the brand management enterprise will incur a serious loss both financially and in confidence. Addressing this concern is brand management specialist Borenstein Group. The company combines creativity with science to make the client's product appealing, while highlighting their strengths with sound proof, thereby gaining the trust of both customers and the market.

Borenstein Group takes pride in being the integrators of creativity and science for its customers and applies its capabilities to contribute to their client’s business growth. As other brand management companies focus on a ‘creative concept’ that can help sell a product, the enterprise distinguishes itself as a strategic brand management organization that applies a scientific matrix and behavioural, cognitive, and psychological elements to ensure increased sales of customer’s product. As Gal Borenstein, CEO and Founder of Borenstein Group, says, “We believe that if our creativity does not result in better business outcomes for our clients, then we have not done our job.” The company achieves this feat by integrating three key components in its campaign:

1.Understanding the clients and their work culture, and learning client perception.
2.Reverse Engineering the product/service to understand its appeal in the market

We believe that if our creativity does not result in more better business outcomes for our clients, then we have not done our job

3.Research the competition to discover any unique advantage over their clients

The company first deploys Voice of the Employees, where it interviewes the client's management staff and program managers, asking them a series of questions to discover the factors that bring customers to their doorstep. The company then drills deeper, by asking clients the same questions in confidence to see if there is a misalignment in what the client believes and what their customers feel is the organization's best attributes. Next, Borenstein compares its clients with the competition. The enterprise divides the competition into two categories:

First is ignorance of solution, where people don't understand what they're buying and why they should buy it, i.e., they buy the solution not knowing what the problem is.The second is understanding that there can be more than one solution for the same problem. That means there are multiple products/services for the same problem, but the client didn’t compare their solution with the competition or match their customer's requirements and beliefs. Consequently, they lose business due to a lack of due diligence.

Based on the research, Borenstein Group then executes the creative elements through digital branding and then finds ways to advertise the product's proven features to the marketplace. Digital promotion can occur through digital marketing, SEO, pay-per-click, social media, public relations, etc.

All of these modalities put together, Borenstein Group is able to build a digital trust for their clients in the market to the point that it can evolve and contribute to its sales growth. The company also uses analytics to track how people are using digital tools and continually tries to find ways to utilize them to further their client’s business. As Gal states, “At Borenstein Group, we envision that every creative action can be measured with analytics. If not, then it’s likely to be an experiment, not a scientific endeavour.”
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Borenstein Group

Borenstein Group

Vienna, VA

GAL Borenstein, CEO and Founder

Borenstein Group is a brand management company that combines creativity with science to make the client's product appealing and believable with sound proofs, thereby helping them gain their customers' eternal trust