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Daniel Liebner, Founder, Bid GlassDaniel Liebner, Founder
Digital advertising is a go-to tool for businesses worldwide, as most of their target audience is online. Despite its growing significance, the complex deployment of digital marketing programs on popular websites has made it difficult for businesses to improve their overall brand campaign performance. While Facebook, TikTok, and others have offered direct access to their ad space through self-service buying tools, the ad space of most websites is not as readily accessible. Marketers are often forced to choose between using costly and complex programmatic advertising channels and reaching out to publishers directly, interrupting the efficient acquisition of digital ad spaces.

Unwinding this complexity with the right mix of technology to simplify digital advertising and streamline ad sales for advertisers and publishers is Bid Glass. The company enables what it calls “advertiser-directed buying” through its self-serve ad sales solution. The Bid Glass platform enables small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to buy campaigns directly from publishers at their own convenience while avoiding the complexity and added costs of programmatic channels.

Bid Glass operates on a second-price auction model that bids up to a client’s maximum cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM), efficiently spending their allocated budget for maximum campaign performance. At the same time, it provides detailed ad unit statistics, bid strength indicators, and campaign forecasting tools to assist advertisers in bidding intelligently when creating campaigns.

“Our self-serve platform allows advertisers to create an account, add a credit card, and start running campaigns at their own convenience,” says Daniel Liebner, Founder of Bid Glass.
Through Bid Glass’s self-serve ad sales solution, businesses can check the available ad units for a website and the traffic it attracts before finalizing a purchase.Along with CPM-based bidding and flexible budgeting, Bid Glass offers different types of audience targeting, including seller-defined audience targeting, contextual targeting, location-based targeting, and device-level targeting.

For publishers, Bid Glass offers a plug-and-play self-serve advertising platform, enabling them to easily add self-serve to their existing demand stack. With its ad-serving capabilities, the Bid Glass platform functions as a “virtual private SSP,” delivering direct sold campaigns through various channels, including Prebid, an open-open-source technology that facilitates advertising auctions.
  • Our self-serve platform allows advertisers to create an account, add a credit card, and start running campaigns at their own convenience

Bid Glass also offers creative approval tools to publishers, allowing them to review ad creatives before they go live, ensuring the delivery of relevant and quality advertisements. Its flagship Adblock recovery component turns blocked ads into relevant ads for users with ad blockers and reroutes ad requests so advertisers can recover lost ad inventory and revenue.

Bid Glass’s genesis was powered by the experience Liebner gained as a publisher during his time at Smack Jeeves, a publishing and community platform for webcomic creators. Having experienced the frustration of the programmatic market on both the buying and selling side, he set out to build a unique platform to address the issues of the programmatic market by bypassing it entirely. Liebner and his team have turned Bid Glass into a recognized partner that truly understands the recurrent adtech needs of publishers and advertisers.

Looking ahead, the company plans on leveraging its intuitive onboarding process to continue helping clients improve their ad revenue and build a long-lasting footprint in the digital era of business.
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Bid Glass

Bid Glass

Hoboken, NJ

Daniel Liebner, Founder

Bid Glass believes advertising should be high-quality, relevant to the audience, and involve as few middlemen as possible. Bid Glass aims to build trust in audiences by working closely with publishers, and advertisers, and offering simplicity, privacy, and relevant ads based on human decisions rather than algorithms.